Monday, June 28, 2010

Chaos is the mother of all

Sometimes I rush into things with a fervor. I go for the gusto, I cannot help myself. I was raised stubborn and determined. If it is worth doing, you go all the way. Which is one of my strongest qualities... and one of my pitfalls.
Back in high school I called it my "trending" - what ever mood I was in was what I lived.. theater drama geek, lil' piss on you punk rocker... glam rockabilly mauve. What ever. This time it is roller derby, pin up modeling and learning how to farm off grid and sustainably.
I hope to go with a gusto into all these endeavors at some point in my not-so-distant future.
But for now I will focus on one obsession at a time.

Roller Derby.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fevers and Chills

I has been done. An infectious disease has been released upon the unsuspecting citizens of Douglas County, OR. As the blood begins to boil and fevers rise, it shall pass from person to person until they become subject to the mercy of the quad-wheeled sirens of fury that have risen out of the shadows and overcome the land. From all over DoCo the tainted shall seek us out.... and we are their salvation. Go Roller Girls!

Last night was the first concept meeting for a derby league here. Hindsight, there are some points I would have made, others I would have avoided. I felt so overcome by the turnout that I couldn't control my enthusiasm! My phone, email and FB have been off the hook... wow.

Here is where we go from here, consult, research, and organize. Rinse, wash, repeat.
We will be working on committees, BOD and fundraisers. Our next potluck will be the first week of July.

We will be holding the mother of all garage sales in the middle of July to kick start our funds. I am taking collections of misc. gear in decent condition, so that we can begin outfitting all our girls, so that we can begin practicing falls and blocking.

Working on a beginning pkg. for our team too. You know, the basics.

I am so ecstatic, I don't really want to head up to Salem Monday. Working on the conceptual art for our league motif.

More to follow.